Commission Painting

Commission Painting
of Figures, Vehicles and Terrain

How does it work?

1. Decide on the size of your order, a few figures, a unit an army? If you would like our Studio to obtain your figures for your commission just let us know sometimes we can offer discounted prices.

2. If you source your own miniatures contact our studio. We accept unprimed, cleaned (flash removed) figures. In the case of plastic multi-part miniatures, we only accept castings that are assembled by you the way you like your figures to look, together with the bases you require and any additions; decals, transfers, banners, banner poles finals etc.

3. Also, please be specific about your desired outcome: styles you would like for your miniatures, uniform details, colour schemes etc..

4. Finally, relax while we get to work painting your order to “YOUR” specifications. We will send out “Work in Progress” (WIP) Reports as the progress develops, mostly to make sure you are happy with the style, themes and progress.

Usual turnaround depends on the size of your order. Three months from the commissions arrival at the most. Of course, if there is any delay you will be promptly informed. If we accept your order than it means we will have time to send it back much earlier.

Just Contact Us with regard to specific pricing for your order, as it is dependent on multiple factors. (See our Pricing page for the our basic pricing.)

*Note: if I have accepted several orders and the queue is lengthy, you will be notified and/or I might have to delay accepting orders until I have the time to finish. I do NOT sit on orders; you can rely on efficient turnaround of well painted figures to promote your involvement and enjoyment of our hobby.